peace force nominated for Nobel peace prize

Compassionate rebel Mel Duncan and the organization he founded: The Non-violent Peace Force has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination was made by the American Friends S ervice Committee.

The Minnesota-based nonprofit sends civilian peacekeepers to global hot spots around the world. With headquarters in Brussels and a new office in St. Paul Peaceforce teams are currently deployed in the Phillipines, South Sudan, Myanmar and the Middle East. The organization was formed in 2002 by Minnesotan Mel Duncan and David Hartsough, a Quaker leader from California.

The Peaceforce’s most recent work is in Syria, where it is collaborating with 60 local nonprofits to train peacemakers to help civilians run medical clinics, distribute food, and restore electricity and water on the site of destroyed bulidings.

It is also exploring working in the Ukraine and on the refugee trail from Turkey to the Balkans. Duncan is spending considerable time at the United Nations in New York, encouraging them to work with unarmed civilian peacekeepers in conflict zones. “Often when there is violence, we are presented¬†with the option of sitting back and doing nothing ¬†or sending in bombers and troops, Duncan said. “There are other options. Civilian peacekeeping is one of them.”

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